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BRP Safe Summer Speeches Set for Late July and Early August

February 6, 2015

Some three decades ago G. Van Standifer started a midnight basketball league in Prince George’s County, Maryland as a safe haven for teens and young adults. The program placed youth in a safe environment with late night basketball and mandatory education counseling, mentoring and personal development workshops.

The program started in 1986, the same year Len Bias died of a cocaine overdose. An extension of the midnight basketball exists today in Safe Summer, operated by the Prince George’s County Parks and Recreation’s Xtreme Teens program.



And the Born Ready Project, developed from the book Born Ready: The Mixed Legacy of Len Bias, is proud to announce it will be part of Safe Streets this summer. In late July and early August BRP founder Dave Ungrady will make speeches at three community centers.  The date are as follows:

July 29 – Marlow Heights Community Center, Temple Hills MD
Aug. 6 – Kentland Community Center, Landover, MD
Aug. 7 – John. E Howard Community Center, Capital Heights, MD

BRPs Safe Summer presentations mark Ungrady’s return to the Xtreme Teens program. He spoke at six recreation centers in Prince George’s County during the winter of 2014 through Xtreme Teens.


Dave Ungrady speaks to youth at the Columbia Park Recreation Center in March 2014 as part of the Xtreme Teens program.


The Safe Summer speeches are supported in part through the BRP’s Youth Leadership campaign.

For more information, contact Dave Ungrady at, 703-282-5259 and Stephen Makle of Xtreme Teens at, 301-446-3408.


GoGrady Media Partners with Loudoun Soccer to Produce Player Videos

February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015

GoGrady Media, with support from Loudoun Soccer, is offering a promotional video package for youth players. Players can use the videos to promote themselves to college coaches, assisting their efforts to play college soccer, and will be marketed primarily to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Dave Ungrady, founder and president of Grady Media and developer of the Born Ready Project, will produce the videos. Dave is an author who has vast experience as a multi-media journalist. He has done on air and production work for ESPN, CNN, NBC and Voice of America and produced Loudoun Soccer TV in 2013. Dave is also a professional coach with Loudoun Soccer, primarily as head coach of 03 and 05 boys teams and head coach of recreational all-star teams.

Players who use the service will be eligible to receive Born Ready Project counseling about ways to make good decisions.

For more information about the videos, contact Dave at, 703-282-5259. To contact Loudoun Soccer, call 703-777-9977.